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You can’t plan everything, and you can’t especially plan when disaster will strike. The elements can strike and damage your roof at any moment. When that happens, you need to act fast to protect your home.

Russell Roofing Company offers emergency roofing services to fix your roof fast to minimize major damage to your home. Contact our team right away if you need emergency help with your roof.

Get Quality Emergency Roofing Help Quickly in Gaithersburg, MD

Russell Roofing Company offers a full range of roofing services around Gaithersburg. We’re available to help in the event of an emergency. Our emergency services include:
Emergency Roof Repair
Emergency roof damage can range from small to severe. When you call us, we’ll come out right away to fully inspect the damage to your property, and work to resolve your roofing issues immediately. Ideally, damage isn’t that bad, and we can complete a small repair to quickly resolve your roof damage.
Emergency Leak Repair
Leaks in your roof can quickly worsen and cause serious damage. Mold, rot, and frame damage are just a few of the potential problems a leaky roof can cause. When we come out for emergency leak repair jobs, we fully assess all areas that could be potentially affected by the leak. Once we’ve identified the extent of the damage, we will work to fix your issues ASAP.
Emergency Roof Replacement
Roof damage from the elements can be drastic. In some cases, your roof may need a full replacement. When this happens, it’s important to call an experienced emergency roofing team to get the job done quickly and effectively. If you call us, we’ll come out and fully inspect your property to see if roof repairs will be enough or if we need to plan for a full roof replacement. Either way, we work fast and thoroughly to get your home back to normal.

Quick, Quality Roofing Help from a Contractor That Cares

When something catastrophic happens or there’s emergency damage done to your home, you want to call someone you can trust, who cares, and who wants to help. You also need to act fast to mitigate the severity of the home damage.

When you work with Russell Roofing Company, you work with an emergency roofing company that wants to help get your home back to normal as fast as possible. With us, you’ll get:

A fast, reliable inspection of roof damage and a fair plan to get your home fixed
A smart short term solution to immediately stop the damage so you can remain in your home while the project is completed
Quality support to help prevent future emergencies like this from happening again
Gaithersburg’s Trusted Roofing Company
Gaithersburg’s Trusted Roofing Company

A Roofing Contractor That Works on Your Behalf

Often, emergency roofing jobs end up involving insurance due to the unexpected nature of the damage. When that happens, Russell Roofing Company will work on your behalf to ease the insurance process and help assist you by:

Assess damage and perform full inspections to report extent of damage and costs associated to your insurance company
Work on your behalf with insurance adjusters to create the most comprehensive plan for all parties
Execute the job requirements within the scope of budget allocated by insurance, avoiding out of pocket costs for you

Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Roofing

Will Insurance Cover My Emergency Roof Repair Work?

Whether or not insurance will cover your roof damage depends on your policy and how the damage occured. Many insurance plans will cover emergency roof projects if the damage was a result of an unexpected event such as harsh weather, fire, etc. 

But, insurance will not always cover damage. If you’re experiencing damage from a leak caused by lack of maintenance or normal wear and tear, insurance will likely reject the claim.

Will Happens If I Need a Full Roof Replacement or Major Repairs?

When an emergency event occurs, it’s sometimes the case that large structural damage was done, and major reconstruction work is needed. If this is the case, we will work with you to come up with the best possible plan that fits your budget. We can also help with financing in order to get the project started immediately and get your life back to normal ASAP.

Should I Repair My Own Roof In an Emergency?

We highly advise against repairing your own roof in the event of an emergency. While it may be tempting, there’s huge risks in doing it yourself, and may potentially cost you more in the long run. It’s best to call an expert to come assess the damage and create a plan together that makes sense for you.

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48 Hour Estimate Guarantee
When your roof needs work, you don’t want to wait longer than you have to. You’ll have your Russell Roofing Company roofing estimate in hand within 48 hours of contacting us - guaranteed.
Free Roof Check-up
After our work is done, you’ll want peace of mind that your roof is holding up. We'll come back at the 1-year mark for roof repairs and 5-year mark for roof replacements to proactively repair any issues we find. This service is free of charge for all customers.
Generous Warranties
A roof is only as good as its warranty. We offer 10-15 year labor warranties and lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on all roof replacements.
Get approved for financing with our easy 90 second application. We offer up to 7 year repayment terms and interest rates starting at 5.99%.


I am very pleased with how my roof came out! The crew and salesman were very nice and informative throughout the entire process.


Not only were they the most thorough with the initial estimate, but they also had the best price and financing options. Highly recommend Russell Roofing Company!


From start to finish, working with Russell Roofing has been easier than I thought it would be. They're communicative and really care about quality!


The crew were in and out quickly and the office was easy to work with. Couldn't ask for a better roofing company!

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